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Bali, Indonesia is assumed by most as a tropical island paradise with pristine white sand beaches. Unfortunately, scrutinising the matters closer, the truth is that Bali's beaches are now often saturated with garbage and debris with the majority of them being plastic. As of 2015, it is known that Bali produces around 1,000 cubic meters of plastic garbage every day and only .5% of this waste gets recycled or up-cycled. 


PT. Nirwana Alam Hijau (under trade name Avani) is a Bali-based social enterprise that supplies eco-friendly products as a replacement to plastic. The company aims to help rehabilitate the island by offering 100% sustainable  disposable packaging solutions and compostable plastic alternatives to Bali's hospitality & retail industries. By focusing to replace single-use plastic products, the company offers:



  • Take-away cups


    • Take-away boxes
    • Wooden eating cutlery
    • Paper straws
    • Shopping bags
    • Apparel poly bags
    • Laundry bags


    By providing affordable & eco-friendly alternatives along with the cooperation of the local service & retail industries we hope to minimize the amount of toxic plastics consumed and discarded into Bali's critical ecosystem. At the same time, in delivering its values as a social enterprise, Avani is committed to help teach its inhabitants, through their partnership programs, how to maintain it and help return Bali's tarnished image to its past glory.



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